Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Linoleum on the press again! I love the hand-carved, quirky marks that come off of a linoleum block. Last week we had the opportunity to print for a local artist, Leo Debruyn. Leo's wife, crafter Maria Debruyn, brought the linoleum and helped to pick three bold colors and fine, velvety papers to match. The cards are available in their etsy shop, Crafty Mamacita. The cards are shown here before they were folded.

Guest Artist, Kevin Carman

Working with guest artist, Kevin Carman, on a book, fly fly fly, that contains striking linoleum cuts and a meandering rant through a scary, yet familiar dream-scape. Plans are in the works to have a book release party at Art City in Ventura on the first Friday of October.

Pictured is the book cover sheet that will be glued to boards. The spine of the book will run down the center of this sheet and there will be exposed stitches stabbing right through the bird's body.  It was printed on the Vandercook using a split fountain (two ink colors applied at opposite ends of the roller).