Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Need a light?

The matchbook has been obsolesced by clean air and now it's suddenly rare and, as every girl who's picked up one of Cameron's has put it, "so cute!"

These Lettre Sauvage matchbooks cum notepads magnetically dragged people to our mini-shop at Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco. We didn't get to say "need a light," but we found our matchbooks hooked us up with lots of new friends.

Cameron 's decided he'll offer to create matchbooks for others despite the many runs of printing, scoring and perforating involved in their creation. It's fun, it gets people talking and passing secret messages.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

come visit us at Bazaar Bizarre in San Francisco!

Lettre Sauvage will be hosting a table at San Francisco's Bazaar Bizarre on Saturday, December 15th. The gigantic craft fair will take place from 11 AM to 6 PM at the San Francisco County Fair Building in Golden Gate Park.

If you're in the area, please drop by! We'll be selling some new notebooks, cards, and prints and giving away some surprise treats.

Monday, December 3, 2007

minimalist holiday card

Available in a pack of 6. On sale at Etsy.

the cryer

long labored and long thought out, at last the cryer is finished. well, almost finished. we're going to kinko's tonight to photocopy the body of this month's (our premiere!) issue onto our letter pressed mast headed paper. the cryer is a community and cosmic newspaper.

the cryer


for types of individuals with hair on their pineal gland, this forum takes place at the right time bringing images & texts into our creative life. is it not time to paint the town red? with the blood of our ideas? let our pens run with blood, the blood of poets and workers, people in our community who are trying to breathe free from fear. rather to breathe into the noosphere, bring back from the web of information, a nefarious particle of sun.


mineral spirits

this is a bottle, or canister, filled with a liquid used to clean off, in my experience so far, ink rolls, ink plates, ink pallette, and knives used to scoop out the ink from its canisters.

i think the name, mineral spirits is so cool because just the sense of it, i've always known that minerals have spirits, especially ever since i read steiner's rudimentary ablums on theosophical ontologies, where i learned mineral spirits are the highest and lowest planes of cosmotic existence. cosmotic existence is existence that dares to make the cosmos exist. therefore spirits are the envelope of stars around us.

ink rolls, plates, pallettes, and other instruments used in letterpress can be easily cleaned using a paper cloth and mineral spirits, such as is in the bottle you see before you.

mineral spirits wipe the slate clean

brick 14

folded in thirds, this accordion-like monolith has silk-screened imaging.

Lettre Sauvage has collaborated with brick on bricks 8,9,12, and 14.

wine poetry virtue

in veritum vino y coitus, or thereabouts, adventures of a missus, yesterday found myself sewing tiny three dimensional books together. if you pull the manuscript out of its sleeve, and set it up in an intelligent origami way, the divertic message will reveal itself, as wine poetry and virtue dance upon your sleeves. for the guest with add.

look for it in local bookstores or order in online at http://www.lettresauvage.com/

the design for wine poetry virtue was conceived whilst fiona served her apprenticeship at UCSB book arts.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

premiere issue of the cryer

you can pick up copies of december's cryer at wild planet, art city, accolades, or from one of us losers, like sophia kidd, fiona spring, and gwendolyn alley, who all got seduced into amputating the luminosity of white dwarf stars, taking brittle shards for our own generation. blah, there is no money in the avant-garde, like cameron says

november's issue was our first, and these are some shots of it in various stages of publication. i would like to thank all writers and contributors to our premier issue. also, all thinkers and pervadors, all those capable of penetration, write for the cryer. do so by sending ms word documents in lower case letters, to sophia@lettresauvage.com