Saturday, December 1, 2007

premiere issue of the cryer

you can pick up copies of december's cryer at wild planet, art city, accolades, or from one of us losers, like sophia kidd, fiona spring, and gwendolyn alley, who all got seduced into amputating the luminosity of white dwarf stars, taking brittle shards for our own generation. blah, there is no money in the avant-garde, like cameron says

november's issue was our first, and these are some shots of it in various stages of publication. i would like to thank all writers and contributors to our premier issue. also, all thinkers and pervadors, all those capable of penetration, write for the cryer. do so by sending ms word documents in lower case letters, to

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itchybramble said...

There was never money in the avant-garde, unless you were Andy Warhol.