Monday, December 3, 2007


mineral spirits

this is a bottle, or canister, filled with a liquid used to clean off, in my experience so far, ink rolls, ink plates, ink pallette, and knives used to scoop out the ink from its canisters.

i think the name, mineral spirits is so cool because just the sense of it, i've always known that minerals have spirits, especially ever since i read steiner's rudimentary ablums on theosophical ontologies, where i learned mineral spirits are the highest and lowest planes of cosmotic existence. cosmotic existence is existence that dares to make the cosmos exist. therefore spirits are the envelope of stars around us.

ink rolls, plates, pallettes, and other instruments used in letterpress can be easily cleaned using a paper cloth and mineral spirits, such as is in the bottle you see before you.

mineral spirits wipe the slate clean


Cameron said...

printing is sometimes called the "black art". i like to think of it as the orange, blue, green, yellow, red and purple, art. of course black does have a little more history and mystique but why get stuck there.

distilling spirits from minerals is an alchemists profession.

Anonymous said...

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