Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Come One, Come All!

One of the joys of keeping a letterpress studio is that people visit us. Mostly writers, artists, crafters and other lovers of print. We hope we've created a space where people can experience heightened creativity and communication- as the immortal creators of Zardoz put it: "You must go to second level with us!"

The postcard making workshop will be a great occasion to take it up a notch... and try out newly acquired antique circus (tragic clowns and contortionists included) printing blocks.

One place where we've been lucky enough to experience communion with the elements and dance under the stars is Art City the sculpture center and art gallery in Ventura, CA. This week we're thrilled to be printing tickets for a benefit to save Art City. Go if you can. Be counted among the righteous.

And we'll be welcoming visual and performance artist, Gauvin (scroll down), to print invitations for his upcoming marriage to Vincent Van Gogh, which will be held at the charming Accolades Gallery in Ventura, CA.

Have a safe and joyous Chinese New Year! Celebrate by practicing the ancient art of calligraphy with us. Blessed be the Rats!

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